Energy Management: your company optimized

“The effective management of resources, the only road to excellence.”

Discover what MyEnergyMap can do for your company’s energy management

Configuration and management of alarms
Configuration and management of customizable reports
Generation of the current invoice (indexed tariffs)
Costs per pricing period in all national tariffs
Maximeters and reagent
Calculation of CO2eq
Setting ratios
Integration of comments in graphs
Export: Excel, CSV and pdf
Multi-power resource
Supports multiprotocol hardware
Custom dashboard panel settings
Creating user profiles with different access permissions
Configuration of energy baselines for each process
Definition and management of objectives and actions
Verification of action plans according to IPVP protocol
Savings identification module
Simulation of tariffs and optimization of automatically contracted power
Reagent calculation and dimensioning
ISO 50001
Document management: Policy, requirements and procedures
Editing Controls
Historical maintenance
Review reports of the energy management system ISO 50001
Awareness raising reports
Internal mail
Management of nonconformities. Opportunities
Management of corrective, preventive and improvement actions


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What is Energy Management?

Energy management is the sum of measures planned and carried out to achieve the goal of using the least possible amount of energy, while maintaining all the levels of comfort and production.

Benefits of implementing an Energy Management system:

Save up to 20% of your energy costs through energy management

  • Reduce your energy costs. Increase your competitiveness
  • Reduce your energy consumption. Optimize your processes
  • Improve your public image. Show a greater respect for the environment
  • Reduce your emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Obtain advantages in competitions and public tenders


What MyEnergyMap offers you:

Your energy management system has never been so easy to implement and develop:


Basic version

Control your consumption and start saving with all the functionalities

that the Basic version of MyEnergyMap offers you

Gas and electricity invoices and pre-invoices:
Anticipate your marketing bill
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  • All national tariffs integrated
  • Manage your spending comfortably
  • Check your bill
  • Automatic PCS gas discharge

Calculate your invoices with an error lower than 0.5%
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  • Indexed to OMIE, OMIP
  • Pass Through Formulas
  • Pass Pool Formulas
  • Indexed to Brent, Dollar…
Costs by pricing period:
Control your maximeters
Reactive control and monitoring:
No penalties
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Integration of any resource:
Integration of any energy, environmental or production variable
Multiprotocol System:
Compatible with different manufacturers, ERPs and Scadas
In cloud or on own server:
Select the option that best suits your needs. Migrate, without loss of data, quickly and safely, whenever you need it

Access from any device:
Check your data at any time and from anywhere, from your PC, Tablet or mobile

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Simple and intuitive platform:
Save time and money in training!Imagen1
Plug & Play Solutions:
We offer a GPRS hardware solution + software ready to install
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  • Easy and quick to install
  • Tailor-made “turnkey” solutions: Hardware + software.


Easily replicable:
Deploy and extend the system quickly and easilyseccion
Highly scalable:
You can integrate from the general counter up to hundreds of counters

Insert your comments in graphs and reports:
Do not miss opportunities for improvement

Simple download all your data:
Various download formats available


Calculation in CO2eq:
Control your greenhouse gas emissions
Default Ratios:
Analyze the evolution of your savings
Automatic and interactive reports:
Receive them in your email every day, week or month
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Real-time alarms:
Get your ads by e-mail and in real time
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Premium Version

Achieve greater savings and meet ISO 50001

The Premium version will allow you to implement a continuous improvement system according to ISO 50001.

 In addition to the features offered by the Basic version, this version will allow you to:

Automatic Savings Detection:
Notices for power optimization, reactive existence, capacitor bank calculation …
Compare different rates, even indexed:
Select the most advantageous marketer
Customizable Dashboard:
Check at a glance your consumptions and costs
Customizable for each user
Multiple widgets
Different user profiles:
Management of tasks
Different read and write permissions.
Define them yourself!
Automatic, customizable and interactive reports:
Receive them in your email every day, week or month
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Customizable platform:
Do it yourself!
Easily integrate all your energy indicators and baselines you need:
Even regressions with multiple variables
Define your goals:
Comply with ISO 50001
Start continuous improvement
Check your savings according to the IPMVP Protocol:
The IPMVP is the leading international standard in measurement and verification protocols

Define your action plan:
Identify responsible, places and costs
Identify technical and economic feasibility of each of themplan


ISO version 50001

Complete and comprehensive management of ISO 50001.

In addition to the features of the Premium version, this version will allow you to:

Manage all ISO 50001 documentation:

  • MyEnergyMap automatically allows the full management of the standard
  • Policy, requirements and procedures



Easily meet ISO 50001:

  • Assignment of responsibilities
  • Review by management
  • Automatic internal audits


Edit control:
Maximum traceability
Historical maintenance:
No information loss
Internal mail:
Improve your internal and external communication
Manage detected nonconformities and opportunities:
Comply with ISO 50001
Manage your corrective, preventive and improvement actions:
All the tools you need to improve at your disposal
Review by Management:
The system notifies you of any changes and tasks to complete. Maximum control
Automatic Internal Audits:
The system automatically checks all ISO requirements before the audit



You can find more detailed information in the following presentation:



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