“Measure to identify and identify to improve”


The objectives of energy monitoring are to segment the most important consumptions and the connection of the meters, which will automatically allow real-time consultation and data processing. Monitoring systems provide information on the parameters of an installation in order to optimize them.

Components of monitoring:

Telemetering Pictures

Cuadro Datalogger 1


armario acero con analizadores de red (2)

Network analyzers

Telelectura Cuadro Gas Natural

Natural gas



Electricity meter

contador agua

Water Meter

contador vapor

Steam Meter

cuantometro gas

Gas meter

Contador aire comprimido

Compressed air meter

  • Meters and sensors of any energy resource (electricity, gas, steam, thermal …), comfort variable (temperature, humidity …) and other non-energy consumptions like water or production
  • Data concentrator or Datalogger
  • Communication system: it transmits the information of the equipment through the Software, via GPRS, GSM, Ethernet, Wifi, etc.

What MyEnergyMap offers you


A comfortable and intuitive software that will provide your company with:




  • Where, how much and when ou are consuming
  • Visualization of the different types of resources
  • Actual operation of the facilities
  • Key identifiers to monitor the processess



                        Reliability and Economy

  • Analysis based on actual data of your company
  • Identification of savings without investment
  • Realistic and reliable energy and economic savings
  • Minimal uncertainty

Speed and Simplicity

  • Reduction of analysis time
  • Quick and easy detection of opportunities for improvement
  • Update your data in seconds


  • Real-time actions
  • Detection of anomalous consumption or deviations
  • Comparisons between different processes and headquarters of the same company




You can find more detailed information in the following presentation:

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