The best tool to control costs in the industrial sector”


MyEnergyMap is the first energy managment tool that allows you to:

  • Monitor all energy consumptions of your company
  • Integrated environmental managment, minimizing consumptions and maximizing savings
  • Easily fullfill and be certified according to the ISO 50001
  • Calculate the Carbon Footprint, both of the organization and per product
  • Know your productivity for each of your lines through the OEE improving your efficiency
  • Calculate the costs per product of your organization


MyEnergyMap is based on a modular stucture that adapts according to the characteristics and specifications of each client, on the basis of objective data of the company itself. Discover all the services we can offer you





 Where can I install MyEnergyMap?

MyEnergyMap is intended to be installed in industries of any size and from an enormous variety of sectors: A great number of industries are already saving thanks to us!

Industrial Sector:

Key Benefits:

  • Definition and analyses per process 
  • Integration of energetic resources, residues, raw materials, intermediary and final products 
  • Personalization and adaptation of efficiency indexes, goals, action plans… for each process
  • Greater saving opportunities, thanks to the possibility of studying the efficiency of each process
  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint by product according to the ISO methodology
  • ISO 5001 Certificate: tool for differentiation and competitiveness 
  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Benchmarking between companies of the same sector

Tertiary Sector:


Key Benefits:

  • Intuitive and easy to manage
  • Versatile: Personalization and adaptation of efficiency, goals and objectives, action plans indexes etc.
  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint by service according to the ISO method
  • Integration of energetic resources, residues, raw materials, intermediary and final products
  • ISO 5001 Certificate: Corporate Image
  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Document Management: It improves year after year
  • Benchmarking between locations

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