MyOEE: Productivity per line


“There are no resources to lose: Increase your productivity”

MyOEE, productivity under control with a simple and powerful tool

Your Plug & Play Productivity Solution

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  • We incorporate a Plug & Play GPRS hardware
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Start using it in just a few hours


“The best tool for a productivity consultant, the most competitive solution in the market”

Created for the productivity consultant: Easy to install and use
Created for the Industry: High professionalism



MyOEE allows you to calculate the productive efficiency of each line, taking into account the availability, speed and quality of each line.

The availability evaluates the operating time of the line with respect to stop times (faults, changes of format…)

Efficiency evaluates line operation below capacity

Quality evaluates the quantity of defective parts manufactured



What MyEnergyMap offers you

Here are some of the advantages MyOEE can provide your company:

images (1).png monitoring


  • Know the actual productivity of each line
  • OEE monitoring in real time
  • Know your actual manufacturing times

images.jpg improvements


  • Reduction of unplanned downtime
  • Monetize your manufacturing lines
  • Improve your production planning


  • Knowledge of bottlenecks
  • Identifies the areas in which there is a loss of production
  • Minimization of productive losses


  • Improving OEE does not require investment in most cases
  • Reduce costs, increase profits: Improve your competitiveness


Access from any device

  • Control your OEE from anywhere
  • Manage your production at any time

Simple, powerful and intuitive interface

  • Customizable platform
  • Easy to install and use

Automatic and customizable reports

  • Receive your productivity report in your email every day, week or month. Automatic and customizable reports
  • Customize it with the reports you need
Increase your operational control

  • Get your notifications by email and in real time
  • Set the alarm thresholds: Critical Level or Level Warning

Customer reviews


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“The MyEnergyMap tool allows us to know what it costs us to energetically manufacture each bottle format, daily and onevery shift. It also allows us to calculate in real time the overall efficiency (OEE) of the production lines. This will give us the opportunity to reduce our costs and identify new and more efficient manufacturing strategies.

Without doubt, this is a tool of great value for the industry. “

Head of Planta de Manantiales del Portell S.A.





Want to know more?

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You can find more detailed information in the following presentation:

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