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Who is the MyEnergyMap solution useful for?
MyEnergyMap is a very easy to use tool, useful for the end customer, industry consultants and energy managers.


Is the software in the cloud or can I install it on my server?
MyEnergyMap can be acquired in a cloud through a monthly or annual payment, or we can install it in the company’s computers through the acquisition of a license. We offer, therefore, the two modalities: In Cloud and On-premise.


Do I need a license for each computer?
No, MyEnergyMap is a software based on web technology, not subject to user licenses or PCs, and it is accessible from any browser and any device.


Can I use MyEnergyMap from any Tablet or mobile?
Yes, you can access your data from any mobile, Tablet or PC that has internet connection. MyEnergyMap is ready for use from any device.
Can we monitor any resources?

Yes, we can monitor any energy, environmental or production resources: electricity, gas, fuel, water, steam, compressed air, temperature, humidity, manufactured parts, etc.


What do I need to manage my energy resources? What does the system consist of?

The MyEnergyMap platform consists of its own software developed by the MyEnergyMap team, some meters that collect the consumption data and the system of communication to gather these data and to visualize them on the software. MyEnergyMap will guide and advise you of the best existing solutions for every step of the process.


How does the MyEnergyMap system work?

MyEnergyMap periodically asks the existing meters in the installation, collecting the recorded consumption data and storing them in a data concentrator, so that there are no data losses. All this is done automatically, without the need for an operator to collect the information.
This data hub sends the data to our software through the internet.
Once the data is displayed on the platform, the software is responsible for sending the alarms, reports and savings proposals detected thanks to the analysis algorithms that are integrated.
The result is a more comfortable and quick management for the person responsible.


Is it expensive to implement an energy management system?

The cost depends on the hardware you decide to install. It is not necessary to monitor all the lines or machines of the company. The MyEnergyMap team will advise you on the main lines to monitor, as well as on the hardware most suitable for your needs.
In addition, if you already have some scada systems, ERP or meters in your company, we study the integration of these equipments so that we minimize the cost of the initial installation.


Is the installation period too long?

No, MyEnergyMap offers plug and play systems ready to install and use. You can start using it in just a few minutes.



I do not have ethernet in the plant, can I have MyEnergyMap Energy Management System anyway?

Yes. There are many solutions available to ensure system communication. My EnergyMap will inform you of all existing solutions and the most appropriate to your specific case.


What meters or hardware does the MyEnergyMap solution support?

MyEnergyMap is compatible with most devices and hardware on the market.
In addition, we can integrate information collected by the company through Scadas, ERPs, Excel sheets, etc.
MyEnergyMap has a team of engineers who will advise you on the best solutions for your installation.


MyEnergyMap can extract data from an ERP, SCADA or similar?

Yes, provided that we can access directly or through the Web Service to the same. Or, leave us the information in flat format on a FTP that we can access.


Can MyEnergyMap connect to my general counter?

Yes, provided you are ready for telemetering. If you are not prepared, MyEnergyMap has plug & play solutions.


What is necessary for an electrical general counter to be ready for telemetry?

It needs to have the standard communication protocol of Red Eléctrica Española and have a serial port or an optical port available.


Can you monitor pulses or a meter that does not store recorded measurements?

Yes, the solutions offered by MyEnergyMap rely on a data concentrator to record these measurements.


I have a very old meter that does not have Telemetering. Can I take advantage of the data anyway?

Yes, you can take advantage of the data. The simplest way would be to fill an Excel that can be loaded onto the platform. In this way, you can visualize the data and the system will analyze them as if you had acquired them through Telemeasure.


What is the difference between reading and reading in real time?

The reading type indicates how often MyEnergyMap connects to your company’s accountants to collect the information. That is, how often the information is updated on the platform for you to consult them.
In case of daily reading, it will be updated once a day. Therefore, alarms will be received once a day.
In case of real-time reading, the data is displayed every 5-15 minutes. Therefore, alarms are received at the time of occurrence, and you can give them a faster solution.


If I contract the daily reading, will I only see one data per day?

No, you will see all the data, for four hours or hourly, that your meter collects. The difference is that they will be displayed all at once, once a day.



MyEnergyMap is a single product or does it consist of several products?

MyEnergyMap is an energy management platform, that is offered in several versions according to the needs of each client:

-MyEnergyMap Basic version: for the monitoring and control of your energy consumption (alarms, reports, …).

-MyEnergyMap Premium version: for the complete energy management. It includes ratios, baselines, automatic savings detection, IPMPV, customized reports, etc.)

-MyEnergyMap version ISO 50001: for a comprehensive management of the standard.


What are the differences between Premium and ISO 50001 versions? Can I deploy ISO 50001 with the Premium version of MyEnergyMap?

Yes, with the Premium version you can certify to ISO 50001 as it includes features such as IDEns (ratios), Energy Baselines and IPMVP protocol as well as definition of objectives and action plans.
The ISO 50001 version allows the integral management of all data, so that it is very easy to maintain the ISO system. It includes document management, version control, management review and automatic pre-audits among other features.


Is myEnergyMap version ISO 50001 only for companies that want to implement ISO 50001 certification?

No, it is designed for the companies that want to have the methodology of continuous improvement promoted by ISO 50001 and, this way, have all the advantages of ISO.
It does not require the company to be certified, although it is true that certification is much simpler with this version because, thanks to it, the company meets all the requirements of the standard.


What is the smart bill provided by MyEnergyMap?

The smart bill of MyEnergyMap allows you to know your spending day by day. In addition, you will have your bill of the month automatically before the marketer.
This will allow you to predict your energy expenditure accurately and see possible deviations with the invoice of the marketer, serving as a claim tool.
MyEnergyMap calculates your invoice with an error lower than 0.5% of both gas and electricity, fixed and indexed. It has all the national tariffs implemented.


What is the purpose of the MyEnergyMap Savings module?

It allows you to know if you have optimized power. The system alerts you if it detects a savings opportunity.
In addition, it allows the comparison between different tariffs of different marketers. In this way, you will know exactly which marketer offers you the best deals and how much you can save with each one.


Do I need to take a training course before I start using MyEnergyMap?

No, MyEnergyMap is an intuitive, easy-to-use software with a user-friendly interface, so you can start using it from the outset without long and costly training.
In addition, you will have support manuals from the platform itself.
However, if you need it, MyEnergyMap offers customized training courses for each company.


What will the software price depend on?

MyEnergyMap is a software created for the industry, therefore the cost will depend on the processes to monitor, taking into account that a process can include meters of different resources.


Do I have to pay for software updates every year?

No, all the updates made are included in the monthly payment and, therefore, do not entail an additional cost.
As for the price of the software, MyEnergyMap has solutions and packages for all budgets. Ask us and we will inform you about the different options available.


Should I buy a dedicated server?

In the cloud version, the server is included in the monthly payment and therefore does not suppose an added cost.
In the version on premise, you must dispose of or buy a dedicated server. If you need it, the MyEnergyMap team will advise you on the ideal features that this server must meet.


Can I set the tool myself?

Yes, MyEnergyMap has been created to be user friendly and intuitive. For this, the client himself will be able to configure or modify the system when he needs to. Among other things, you can add meteres, processes, ratios or base lines, alarms or reports, without the need to request it or pay for each change, saving time and money.

Moreover, MyEnergyMap provides a support service to help you with whatever doubt or problem you might have.


Can I use MyEnergyMap for a while before deploying it permanently?

Yes, we can start by reading the company counter to familiarize yourself with the tool. The system can be expanded gradually as needed.


MyEnergyMap offers other services besides the software?

MyEnergyMap offers turnkey projects. If you need it, we can take care of the implementation of the entire energy management system, from the implementation of the meters network to the energy surveillance or the implementation of ISO 50001.
In addition, we offer customized automation and productivity control services.


Do I always pay the same for each meter?

No, the price depends on the number of meters. The more meters are implanted, the more economical is the additional measurement point. In addition, MyEnergyMap has very advantageous submetering packages from 10 meters on. Check them out.


I currently want to monitor 3 measurement points, but in a few months I will need to monitor more. Can I expand the system at any time?

Yes, You can expand the system at any time.


What do I have to do to buy MyEnergyMap?

If you already know any of our partners, you can contact him directly. If not, you can contact us through our email or contact phone.


MyEnergyMap sells hardware?

Yes, MyEnergyMap offers a turnkey. We offer everything you need: hardware, software and any service you might require.


MyEnergyMap is a development purchased from third parties?

No, MyEnergyMap is a software developed entirely by the MyEnergyMap team of engineers.
Therefore, if you need any additional functionality that we offer, or need exclusive customization, we can provide it.

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