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MyEnergyMap in rtve
19 de Junio de 2014

MyEnergyMap in emprende programme of Juanma Romero, in rtve
Pilar Lara, CEO of the company, ensures that small organizational changes can save up to 20% in industrial processes
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Winner in the category of ICTS INJUVE

IX Entrepreneurs Academy Awards
20 de Noviembre de 2013

Award for Best Business Idea

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14 de Noviembre de 2013

Winner -Emprenjove 2013-


Our Solution

MyEnergymap is a cloud based energy management system (EMS) for any type of organization according to the recent international standard ISO 50001 pursuing continuous improvement in energy efficiency of the processes in the company. Moreover, the system will enable organizations to label their products with the carbon footprint in an objective and reliable manner.

With MyEnergyMap, the company will benefit from a reduction in energy consumption and costs up to 20% through continuous monitoring, analysis, warnings, reports, and rising awareness among employees and consumers.

What is?

The system will collect consumption data of different resources (electricity, gas, oil, water...) by means of an energy meter network. It will take into account the outputs achieved at each production station to calculate energy performance rates of each process. These rates will be logged and compared with an objective. The system will report the degree of compliance with the objectives. With these reports, the energy manager will take appropriate actions to achieve the objectives and set new ones.The energy manager will compare the energy performance rates of each process between stores.


Top Benefits:

 myenergymap_19_iconos.jpg MyEnergyMap Lets implement and maintain ISO 50001 for organizations seeking certification or those that are pursuing the best practice in energy management.
myenergymap_1_iconos.jpg Savings up to 20% through regular monitoring reports and alarms in real time that are defined by the user.
myenergymap_6_iconos.jpg Software as a service: Low initial investment and payback period less than one year.
myenergymap_7_iconos.jpg Scalable solution: It’s possible to expand the system gradually from a few meters to hundreds of them according to the savings.
myenergymap_4_iconos.jpg Thanks to the possibility of remote access to the system, it is possible to implement and manage these systems anywhere in the world. Our system will allow the online audit of the certification systems. This will result in time and cost savings for both, the external certification body and the audited organization.
myenergymap_5_iconos.jpg MyEnergyMap allows benchmarking between stores helping to identify opportunities for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.
myenergymap_3_iconos.jpg Simple and intuitive interface: Optional Training.
 myenergymap_20_iconos.jpg Multi-system: MyEnergyMap supports the main communication standards and works with commercial dataloggers and meters of any energy resource.
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