ISO 50001: Standardize your improvements

“The guide for the control of energy management”

ISO 50001 is an international standard developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) focused on maintaining, monitoring and improving an energy management system.



How does ISO 50001 work?

The ISO 50001 standard allows for detailed and standardized control of energy management systems based on the  Plan-Do-Check-Act  methodology:

ISO 50001

Among other possible advantages, ISO 50001 allows the company to:

  • Establish an Energy Plan and its follow-up
  • Improve your energy efficiency on an ongoing basis
  • Identify new opportunities for energy savings and productivity improvements
  • Contribute to the care of the environment
  • Control the fulfillment of marked goals, from Energy Performance Indexes to Energy Based Lines
  • Strengthen your corporate image
  • Contrast the estimated savings in the energy audit
  • Maintain indexes of quality and productivity
  • Document all processes of the energy management system


What MyEnergyMap offers you

Adopting ISO 50001 can be a difficult process to follow in detail, but with MyEnergyMap you can capitalize on it in the simplest possible way:



  • Improved traceability of all documentation required by ISO
  • Control of all documentation automatically
  • Automatic history maintenance.


  • Lower working time: automatic generation of internal audits of the SGEn
  • Facilitate the certification process
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  • More effective internal and external communication
  • Periodic and automatic reports of results
  • Automatic alerts to those responsible for the SGEn











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